7 Types of Shower Heads For Amazing Bathing Experiences

A relaxing shower is all you need after a long tiring day. Getting a refreshing shower can possibly be a good start for the day or a luxurious experience after an exhausting day.

Choosing a showerhead is not simple as it seems. With new technology and features, there are a number of shower heads available in the market.

Here are some different type of shower heads you may need to bring a lavish look to your bathroom.

1. Single Spray Shower Head

For small or medium-sized bathrooms, these traditional showerheads become a perfect choice. Simple and elegant shower heads are easy to fit in the bathroom. Bathing becomes quite comfortable with a single spray shower head. They are less expensive and affordable for people on a budget.

A single spray shower head range from $5 to $50 but prices may vary from design to design.

2. Rain Shower Head

This kind of shower head gives you a feel of monsoon for 365 days. Rain shower head comes with the large diameter and distributes water evenly. To get the best results of the flow of water you need to stand directly under it.

These flat shower heads work more efficiently is there is a plenty of water pressure available. A rain shower head doesn’t cost you much. It ranges from $100 to $500.

Rain Shower Head

3. Handheld Shower Heads

One of the most convenient shower heads, handheld showerheads can be easily used by any age group (adult to old). These shower heads are connected with a long duct with the help of which you can clean your body and you will not have to move from your place.

Handheld showerheads generally range from $30 to $150.

4. Ceiling Shower Head

Similar to a rain shower head, these shower heads are attached to the ceiling. These type of showers provides water over a large surface area. Water from a ceiling shower can flow in 4 different variations: rain, mist, waterfall and revolve. You have a choice, how you want the water to flow.

These shower heads are little expensive range from $80 to $300.

The pitfall of using a ceiling shower is, cleaning becomes difficult as it is not possible to reach the mounted shower on a daily basis.

Ceiling Shower Head

5. Body Showers

How wonderful is that when you just walk into the shower and you have water dispersed from different directions. These type of showers need a special installation in the bathroom. Body showers are best used for a water therapy, just relax and forget everything.

6. Waterfall Showers

These uniquely designed showers are able to add a grace to your bathrooms. As the same says itself, water flows down in a waterfall style. You can feel the truly new experience of bathing.

In fact, you can add a shower stool if you want to sit comfortably and enjoy.

7. Slide Bar Shower Heads

These shower heads can be easily adjusted in terms of height and are trending on the market for the best adjustable shower heads. These sliding bar shower heads are easy and convenient to use, also they have a handheld head as an option. Slide bar shower heads generally range from $60 to $300.

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