7 Types of Shower Heads For Amazing Bathing Experiences

A relaxing shower is all you need after a long tiring day. Getting a refreshing shower can possibly be a good start for the day or a luxurious experience after an exhausting day.

Choosing a showerhead is not simple as it seems. With new technology and features, there are a number of shower heads available in the market.

Here are some different type of shower heads you may need to bring a lavish look to your bathroom.

1. Single Spray Shower Head

For small or medium-sized bathrooms, these traditional showerheads become a perfect choice. Simple and elegant shower heads are easy to fit in the bathroom. Bathing becomes quite comfortable with a single spray shower head. They are less expensive and affordable for people on a budget.

A single spray shower head range from $5 to $50 but prices may vary from design to design.

2. Rain Shower Head

This kind of shower head gives you a feel of monsoon for 365 days. Rain shower head comes with the large diameter and distributes water evenly. To get the best results of the flow of water you need to stand directly under it.

These flat shower heads work more efficiently is there is a plenty of water pressure available. A rain shower head doesn’t cost you much. It ranges from $100 to $500.

Rain Shower Head

3. Handheld Shower Heads

One of the most convenient shower heads, handheld showerheads can be easily used by any age group (adult to old). These shower heads are connected with a long duct with the help of which you can clean your body and you will not have to move from your place.

Handheld showerheads generally range from $30 to $150.

4. Ceiling Shower Head

Similar to a rain shower head, these shower heads are attached to the ceiling. These type of showers provides water over a large surface area. Water from a ceiling shower can flow in 4 different variations: rain, mist, waterfall and revolve. You have a choice, how you want the water to flow.

These shower heads are little expensive range from $80 to $300.

The pitfall of using a ceiling shower is, cleaning becomes difficult as it is not possible to reach the mounted shower on a daily basis.

Ceiling Shower Head

5. Body Showers

How wonderful is that when you just walk into the shower and you have water dispersed from different directions. These type of showers need a special installation in the bathroom. Body showers are best used for a water therapy, just relax and forget everything.

6. Waterfall Showers

These uniquely designed showers are able to add a grace to your bathrooms. As the same says itself, water flows down in a waterfall style. You can feel the truly new experience of bathing.

In fact, you can add a shower stool if you want to sit comfortably and enjoy.

7. Slide Bar Shower Heads

These shower heads can be easily adjusted in terms of height and are trending on the market for the best adjustable shower heads. These sliding bar shower heads are easy and convenient to use, also they have a handheld head as an option. Slide bar shower heads generally range from $60 to $300.

The different Panini Presses you can have in your kitchen

A Panini press is your one-stop solution to make press sandwiches and grilled sandwiches but not only that, you can make several other items with the help of it too. Although the basic work of a Panini press is to press the food items and cook it, there are several ways to do it which means that there is more than 1 type of Panini press. Surprised?

Well, we know that you might not have expected it but there are indeed many types of Panini press which can perform an assortment of different activities and it is important to know the differences between them to make an informed decision when you choose to buy a Panini press for yourself.

These are as follows:

Basic Panini Press

One of the most basic versions of Panini press, this includes a heavy lid which presses down on your food item and brings it into a closer contact with the cooking surface. This type of Panini press comes with a non-removable ridged plates which tend to leave a mark on all your pressed food items.

Most of the Panini presses of this type include an upper and a lower heated plate which helps in preparing your food. All you need to do is place your food on the plates, press the lid down and come back in a few minutes once your food is ready.

Panini Press with removable plates

The second type of Panini press which is an evolved version of the basic type, this one comes with a removable plate which makes it easier to grill other food items too.

This type of Panini press comes with removable plates which are smooth on one side and have ridged marks on the other side. Apart from allowing you to perform a variety of tasks with the help of them, these type of Panini press is also easier to clean than other Panini presses.

In fact, a lot of vendors have started offering waffle plates along with these Panini press to make it even more versatile and useful than the other Panini presses.

Hinged Counter Top Grills

The most advanced type of Panini press, this one offers you more versatility than your other Panini press and allows you to cook your food either by cooking on both sides of the food or you can open this appliance to double the space to cook your food.

When you open up space, it resembles a mini grill and you need to swap the surface of your food to ensure that it gets cooked properly form both the sides and not only one side.

This type of Panini press comes in two types of model, one with non-removable plates and another with grill plates which can be removed or reversed. These advanced versions of Panini press often come with a drip plate which makes it easy to catch the grease while grilling and they have programmable heat settings to make your work much simpler and easier.

6 Simple steps to increase water pressure in kitchen Faucets

A lot of people complain that their kitchen faucet isn’t providing them with adequate amount of water pressure and as a result it is taking them more time to clean their dishes and rinse their utensils.

Low water pressure is a common issue in the kitchen faucets and could be caused due to various reasons which includes corrosions, clogging of pipes, etc. Determining the issue could greatly help in fixing the problem and ensuring that you get a steady flow of water at all times.

Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to fix your low water pressure issue in no time and that too without the help of any plumber.

Identify the root cause

There can be two categories of water pressure issue and the first step is to identify in which category your water pressure issue lies.

Water pressure problems throughout the house

Check whether the issue is persistent throughout the full house or not. If you have recently remodeled your house, it might be due to decreased water pressure. For this case, you would need to install a bigger main water pipe to fix the pressure issue.

But in case there was no recent remodeling done but the problem persists throughout the house, then you would need a supplement booster in your pipeline to increase the water pressure. Make note that both these changes can only be performed by a professional plumber.

Water pressure problem only in the kitchen faucet

If the water pressure issue exists just in the kitchen faucet, then it is more likely that there is a clog in some part. You will need to look at the aerator screen first and check for the clogs and blockages. Luckily, this type of fix can be easily performed by you.

Remove the Aerator Screen

You will find that most faucets have a spout which is covered with a small screen at the end and it is more likely that due to some sedimentation on the screen, the water pressure is low.

So you will need to unscrew the aerator and disassemble it into pieces. Then put all the pieces in a vinegar-water solution or use a commercial calcium remover to remove all the blockages.

Once it is done, dry the spout and reassemble the faucet and test it to see if the water pressure has been restored.

Clean or replace the cartridge

To do this you would need to remove the faucet head which can be done by unscrewing the faucet spout. Once you have removed the faucet head check if the cartridge is open. If not, you will need to remove the thin housing and clean the cartridge of all the deposits and debris.In case cleaning the aerator screen didn’t work, then chances are that the cartridge in your faucet which controls the movement of the water is not working properly and is the reason behind low water pressure. In that case, you will need to clean it and if that doesn’t work, then you would need to replace it.

Now reassemble the housing and the faucet head and check if the water pressure is fine or not. If not, then follow the same steps to replace the cartridge and try the faucet again.

Clean out your pipes

Another reason for your low water pressure problem could be that the pipe connecting to your kitchen faucet has debris clogging the pathway. In that case, you will need to unscrew the riser from the basement with the help of a wrench.

Make sure that you back up the fitting in the basement so the fitting and the pipe doesn’t break in the process. Now take a bucket and turn on the water to see if the water pressure is fine or not. If the water pressure is fine, then you just need to reassemble the pieces back together. But if the water pressure is low, then you would need to get a re-piping done for your whole house.

Not sure yet? Check out this step by step video guide to know more.