The name surly kitchen is inspired by my husband, who gets very surly when he is hungry. He resembles a surly bear when he needs food and, when ravenous, can be found foraging around the kitchen. I can get surly, too. Due to my stomach issues/pain I rarely feel like cooking or doing anything in the kitchen. So preparing and making food can make me feel surly, too.

I want to expand my cooking skills so I thought a cooking blog would be a good way to force me to try new things. As an added bonus it records a visual reference for our favorite recipes; I’m a visual person and like to see pictures of dishes before I make them. Since I’m only cooking for two people, I usually need to adapt/halve recipes to accommodate us.

I enjoy healthy eating. I don’t exercise (due to an permanent injury I sustained in 2007 that prevents me from doing much physical activity) so I maintain my weight through my diet. Thus, I’m very concious of the food I put into my body; especially the past couple years. I suffer from a stomach disease that makes it difficult for me to eat. Despite my illness, I’m constantly trying new things. This blog also helps me to keep track of food that I’m able to eat without causing abdominal issues. I never know when the disease will flare up, nor do I know what will cause the severe abdominal pain experienced after eating just a few bites of food, so I’m always trying a variety of things. I’m remaining positive, trying maintain some semblance of normalcy. I try not to eat anything premade/packaged because I like knowing what is in the food I eat; this helps ensure that no hidden ingredient can potentially cause me abdominal distress and distention. I try to eat a low-acid, low-fat, low-carb, low-oxalate diet, for minimal adverse symptoms.

Everything in moderation is my take on food. What can I say, I’m a Libra and Libras are all about maintaining balance.

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